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Investor Relations


About us

We started our journey in 1979 with a very clear purpose: provide health and well-being for each one of our customers by offering excellence in FVG (Fruit, Vegetables and Greens) and in fresh products. Our roots come from Minas Gerais and we are proud to say that simplicity and respect are essential pillars of our organization. In 1984, we took an important step in our history and expanded our operation to the city of Campinas, located in the interior of the state of São Paulo. In 1992 we opened the first store in Brasília and in 1995 we arrived at the city of São Paulo.

Since the entry of Crescera Capital as a partner at the end of 2017, Oba Hortifruti Group has been undergoing an accelerated growth process, focusing on the professionalization and governance of the company. Just one year after the beginning of this partnership, in 2018 we broke the barrier of BRL 1 billion in net revenue, and we know we can go far beyond.

We position ourselves as a retail chain specialized in fresh perishable products, our success and growth are supported by 3 strategic pillars: Unique Shopping Experience, Product Quality and Operational Excellence. Our culture and our “Oba way of being” are fundamental for us to masterfully execute the strategy and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

In an increasingly digital world where customers are heterogeneous and unpredictable, we know that our success and growth will only be possible with a very clear positioning and with a service that provides delight in every interaction, where, when and how the customer wants.

In the competitive world of retail and overall business, just as important as knowing who you are, is knowing who you are not. We are not supermarket. We are Oba Hortifruti Group.