Investor Relations

Investor Relations


Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the Group Oba Hortifruti is to daily offer excellence in FVG (Fruits, Vegetables and Greens), perishable and special foods, to each of its customers, to bring health and well-being. All this, with quality, variety, excellent service and good value for money in a pleasant and charming environment. In addition, being among the best companies to work for and ensuring continuous learning, generating value through the management of a sustainable business.


The vision of the Group Oba Hortifruti is to be a reference in FVG (Fruits, Vegetables and Greens), as the best shopping option in the sector for all who seek healthy and tasty food


Focus on customer: we prioritize the customer over any other activity

Excellence in quality: Concerned with the health and well-being of consumers, we guarantee excellence in the care and hygiene of all products, and we also prioritize total quality in the provision of our services

Innovation: We seek to continuously innovate, as we believe to be the competitive differential

Ethical conduct: We establish a solid and healthy relationship through transparency, respect and trust with our employees and partners, promoting well-being in the workplace

Teamwork: we engage people in business management

Win-win policies: we promote the generation of mutual value in dealings with employees, suppliers and customers

Social responsibility: We contribute to the development of social, cultural and environmental actions to raise awareness and encourage good sustainability practices