Investor Relations

Investor Relations


Strategic Pillars

Our success and growth are supported by 3 strategic pillars: Unique Purchasing Experience, Product Quality and Operational Excellence.


Our quality, combined with a bright, clean and pleasant environment, offers customers a shopping experience that is different from that offered by the competition. The stores also have specialized employees, who have been trained in specific aspects of each product, offering assisted and specialized sales.

Our stores also offer an interactive environment, with frequent and diverse tastings of various fresh and grocery products. Unlike traditional retailers, which carry out tastings through employees outsourced by suppliers, our tastings are carried out by our own and specialized employees, generating greater proximity to the customer.

We were recognized in 2018 and 2019 by the Datafolha annual survey as the best FVG (Fruits, Vegetable and Greens) in São Paulo.


For over 40 years, we have built a differentiated and exclusive supply network for certain products, seeking the best combination between local suppliers, who have the freshest products, and international suppliers, who offer quality products not found locally.

In our distribution centers, product quality is consistently controlled through specialized professionals, who have know-how and expertise, the use of metrics (eg, semolina content, brix, crunchiness, among others) and specific tools that they guarantee quality, including freshness, sweetness, color, among other attributes of the category of FVG (Fruits, Vegetables and Greens, a control that would be impossible in a model where deliveries are made directly to each store.

In our stores, our employees also follow strict product quality controls and are responsible for the maintenance and supply of stalls and gondolas.


Our ability to offer our customers local products or products from other countries and make them available daily on our store shelves, without any loss of quality, is a crucial part of our value proposition. For this, it is essential that our logistics are agile and efficient. Our strategy is to work directly with suppliers, cutting links from the traditional supply chain. This shorter chain allows us a series of benefits, namely: (i) margin capture, increasing profit; (ii) agility, improving freshness; (iii) minimization of processes, reducing losses and damage to products.

We have our own logistics system, which is a central part of our strategy to deliver quality products to our customers. Through specialized knowledge of each product, we allow an optimization of transport to maintain quality and long shelf-life. Our logistics supply stores daily, usually more than once a day, which ensures greater freshness of products and maintenance of quality any day and time, a differential when compared to traditional food retailers.